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Baseball in Taiwan

My country failed in Olympic and Asia Professional Games (KONAMI CUP).
I love baseball.
I love to go to the field to watch a game, even I know they're not good like NPB or MLB or KBO, I still enjoy the game.

But, I don't know what to say this time when I saw a mofia(やくざ) buy a baseball team, and ask their player trick on field.
Even Japanese Team Manager know this, but look at our Baseball League!! (News)
They said they have no idea and they just do nothing until now, without saying "I feel so sorry about that."
You should feel sorry because you ruined it. You have chance to stop that, but you don't!! Poor CPBL.

Baseball is not respectable sport in Taiwan.
Parents who are in the high class, don't let their kid play baseball.
Poor family let their kids play baseball, because professional player can earn more money.
However, we know baseball bat, ball, and other equipments are expensive.
Most of time, the coach buy these for kids.
They love baseball, and serious in baseball.

How about school in cities, they ban baseball because it can hurt glasses even people.
I've hurt by basketball for many times, why don't you ban it?? If you want your kids be safe, running jogging is the best choice.

With this surrounding, people still think our national players have chance to win Japanese and Korean.
Before you ask them, try to provide a better conditions for baseball!!

I'm not sure if the CPBL will gone in next year.
My favorite team can go to the Championship contest, this year.
We're champion last year, so we're eager for continue the championship.
However, the damn mofia and poor League may ruin this.

This video touched me.


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Oct. 12th, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
I wonder, does Taiwan participate in games as a chinese team, or are they independant?

I searched a bit about what you said and i read this:
"On October 8, 2008, Banciao district attorney's office called the owner of dmedia T-REX Shih Chien-hsin, the team's GM, spokesperson, one coach, and three players to the office for alleged game-fixing scandal. The three players, Chen Yuen-chia, Chen Ke-fan, and Cory Bailey, were later released after posting their bails. Due to CPBL's zero tolerance policy, the three's contracts were dissolved and they were banned from playing professionally in Taiwan."

They speak of "zero tolerance", so now that they know, maybe it won't happen again?
On an other article, i read that mafia put pressure on players and threatened them, so i think we can't really blame players... It's sad that these players, who only want to play and earn their livings, have to face such things...

I am not fond of sports, so i can't judge, but i think you shouldn't let this spoil your fun of watching games in stadium ^^

The little boy in the vid, he's really courageous...
Oct. 12th, 2008 09:56 pm (UTC)
Taiwan participates games as "Chinese Taipei", an independent team.

I don't blame the players, I blame the league office.
It's the fourth times, they always say they won't let this happened again, but they don't.

I just feel really disappointed.

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